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Telling the Economist and TIME covers from this w/end

Written on July 16, 2012 by ozan

TIME has a black & white grim looking photo of you-know-who accompanied by “Why Everybody Loves to hate Angela Merkel.” .. Seems to miss the point again; simply compare and contrast w/ what a German colleague sent below last nite.

And “good reverse indicator” Economist cover talks about the “Comeback Kid: American economy” .. They have relevant usual suspects points on “Apple affect” and shale gas and etc.. But even with all the Bernanke “sugar loading,” I wouldn’t be too triumphalist about American economy’s strength anytime soon!

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The Germans love Merkel!
The so-called polit-barometer, an opinion poll done by a German institute (with a good reputation), shows that 63% of Germans say Merkel is doing a good job regarding the Euro-crisis. However, 57% of Germans want more information. Merkel’s party, the CDU would still get 36% of the votes, SPD 30%, FDP 4%, Greens 13% Given that 61% of Germans are against any more time for Greece, the message is: the stronger the Euro-crisis pressure, the more popular Merkel gets - at least as long as there is no real pain Have a nice weekend

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