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Episode 9. Gus. Kerr’s father. Gentle. Love

Written on May 19, 2020 by admin

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Epidode 9. Gus. Kerr’s father. Gentle. Love(Ingilizce yaziyorum. Okumak isteyen dostlar oluyor. Google translate demek bir yere kadar)IX was special.For moments I know so well. And equally for those I did not at all.Gus was special. From the first 10-15 seconds, one could sense it was a “father figure” for JordanThe older, wiser guy he could trust.When he missed his father, he called Gus at 2 am to his house.When Gus had cancer, it was Jordan’s turn to visit him in his house. Did not leave him alone.Kerr’s dad, his sad death, murder in Beirut. Brings a welcome, intellectual angle to the whole seriesThe respect he has for a Reggie or a Bird in between & after the matches. That’s the Jordan I admireHe sure is a complicated man. But a “bully” or “overconfident” etc are way too much of cliches for me.9 clears the air furtherAnd then the “flu” game, of course. Turns out it was the “pizza poisoning game” after all! Did not know.We remember all those days because we lived through them.I had to fly during that one to my very first official work day in my London. Nosmart phones. No nothing. I land & my best friend Fuad has left a message at the airport information desk.. “Welcome to London, Mr. Korman Tarman.. Jordan has won!”Then the Game 6. That trust in Kerr.. at 3 or 4 am London; I was at Sahinbas’s house, hugging him, Filiz Teyze & Ahmet abi.X will be the end. But this will be discussed for years to come! We will re-watch it & who knows, maybe another one.PS: the unknowns. Undiscusseds. Ahmad Rashad. A journalist. But right next to Jordan; 2 hours before a Game 7. 🙏🏻

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