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Episode X. Finale. The Last Shot!

Written on May 19, 2020 by ozan

Episode X. Finale. The Last Shot!

I remember where I was during the Last Shot.

I remember exactly what I did. What it meant to me. Why.

That’s why this documentary was so powerful. We all relived those years. Went to our own past. Had a journey back to our own journey.

I don’t remember whether Ali Sahinbas called me. Or whether I called him. Him in Chicago. Me here in London.

Last 41 seconds.. throughout the game, I had just said: “Stay in it. Just stay in it.”

Like Tanri said after, “I just had faith”

The steal from Malone. No time out. The shove. That hand. The last shot!

I yelled & cried so much that Emre came from the other room. Neighbours banging on the walls. Couldn’t care less.

It was part of my History, too.

I loved Episode 1 and 10 in different ways.

1 because I could feel something special was starting in our quarantine days. How my whole family was getting sucked into it.

“Even Zeynep?” Baskan asked today.

Maybe more than all, Zeynep.

That last shot still brings the goosebumps & teary eyes.. More special when I held my son’s hand after.

Yes; that Rodman quote after Game 6 made me crack, dear Aaron!

Jerry Reinsdorf’s “explanation” still doesn’t cut it for me.

“Phil said no. Krause would be upset.”

Really.. Then you keep Jordan & Phil… Let go Krause (RIP, by the way). And let them rebuild

The guy even played for Wizards..

Big business mistake, too.

Wonderful to hear the children finally. (Son in law plays in Ankara!! And Jordan a grandpa)

Big hole not to hear his ex wife.

Big hole not to ask about the Wizards years. Not even one word.

I “know” Michael Jordan rather well. To this day, it was a mistake. Last shot should have been the last shot.

I think he knows. Hence no word.

Very classy of Karl Malone to come on the bus after the defeat. He must be still bitter not to appear on the show though.

Wonderful job by the director. It went much beyond all cliches I agree with that he is God & disagree with that he is a bully.

Still miss the way he handled himself in the pressers. Cool, mature, under control in defeat & victory

(Very offside for Rodman to do the WWF in the middle)

I was back & forth London and World Cup France the whole time watching those matches.

To me Kobe was bit too much of a copy act (RIP) & Lebron not in the same planet grace and beauty of the game wise.. No wonder rating records still belong to Jordan’s era. Planet got more global since then. But planet also moved on.

I will cherish & re watch Last Dance

Zeynep’cim said, “that was so nice. So good,” at the end.

Like that hand of Jordan.

“My heart and my soul and my love will always be with the city of Chicago.”


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